Sustainable fashion should not be aspirational — it should be accessible.

Good News. Bad News.

Last year, fashion searches of “sustainability” grew by 17%. Luxury brands are issuing bonds conditioned on meeting sustainability KPIs. Mind-blowing material innovations are being commercialized. Supply chains are getting cleaner. The number of ‘sustainable’ products is increasing.

That’s great news. Customers, brands, manufacturers, and every part of the retail world seem to be moving in the right direction.

But then, there’s the bad news.

The emissions of the Fashion industry are bad and are getting worse: according to a McKinsey study, the industry is missing the 1.5-degree target set…

If someone tells you they are building their own tools to measure how sustainable their company is, you might scream “greenwashing! and assume they are just trying to pass off false credentials to their customers.

At Adore Me we’ve built our own measurement toolset — covering our products, our suppliers, and our operations — but we didn’t do it to try to pretend we’re amazing.

We did it to understand how bad we’re doing.

How do you sustainably transform a brand?

Adore Me did not start as a fashion brand with sustainability at its core. We readily (and not proudly) admit this.

But on September 19th, 2019…

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

I’m the COO of Adore Me. Adore Me is a brand that sells beautiful, accessible, empowering lingerie and women’s apparel. It’s a brand that is dedicated to doing good — to serving our customers and the world at large. But Adore Me — as you know it today — is a brand, it’s not a mission.

That changes now. For a long time I have grappled with how to weave our commitment to sustainability, empowerment, and social responsibility into the very core of our brand and our being. We have dedicated efforts to reduce waste in our manufacturing, using sustainable…

Romain Liot

Chief Operating Officer, Adore Me

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